Innovation, flexibility and excellent customer service for more than 50 years

Experience and flexibility

And a wealth of experience
As a medium-sized family-run group of companies based in Wenden in South-Westphaliawe have continually expanded our manufacturing capacities to the extent that we are now able to offer our customers fully integrated and optimised solutions from component design right through to large batch production. We have a reputation for flexibility and reliability, and a wealth of experience in our core areas of expertise of metalworking and welding.

As supplier to the automotive industry we concentrate on the following

Manufacturing of:

  • stamping, cutting and deep drawing dies

Serial production of:

  • stamping parts for automotive body structures of steel or aluminum which are processed into welded assemblies
  • deep drawing parts especially for light vehicles and trucks
  • tube structures like dome and torsion bars
  • blanks for hot-forming parts

Just in time? - No problem!

Downtime is expensive. We supply the components you need - either “just in time” or “just in sequence” according to your requirements - to keep the conveyor belts in your production facility running non-stop.

Individual project specifications and with zero fault tolerance.
As an experienced supplier to the automotive sector, we take due account of the control of the internal flow of materials and information in all our logistics services, thereby guaranteeing modern supply chain management geared to your individual project specifications.

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High precise quality made in South Carolina

South Carolina, with its 24-hour access to more than 66 % of the United States market, is attractive to the Muhr Group in many ways. Located in the Central SC region in Newberry County, halfway between SC’s 3 OEMs, help us to provide the best possible support for our customers. With top trained staff and local hospitality the location reflects the core philosophy of Muhr, we look forward to great projects in a great state.